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    A Holy Secret Revealed Before Your Eyes




Def: any truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation.

By the very definition of mystery alone, we can say in all fairness that man can not ever solve one. Only by Gods divine will can it even be knowable. If this is the case and by definition we can see that it is. Then we know for sure that any in heaven are completely out of our reach.

But what about on the earth? Are there mysteries that God has put on the earth that we don't know about, that are sitting there before our eyes “unknowable except by divine revelation?”


GENESIS: Unlocked!

What we're going to see inside the pages of this work is a mystery that is absolutely stunning. We will find irrefutably that the groundwork for it was put in place a long time ago. The mere fact of where it is located establishes this without question.

Not only will the location of the Key that unlocks this Mystery stun the reader, but how simply it was hidden will shock everyone even more. Once we see this mystery and how it reveals itself, we will then see the simplicity of it. And when we do we're going to gasp, “How did no one see this?”

Then we will know for sure without question. Even if they are laid out before mans eyes for centuries upon centuries, who is the keeper of even the most simple secrets. And it will raise up the glory of God's Word for every mans eyes to see.

This isn't a discovery my beloved family, it's something much more than that. This is a gift to us all...

Peace love and YHWH's Blessings...


Click Here to Unlock Genesis

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